Welcome to the Hunger Games Acting WikiEdit

For people who love the hunger games, this is something you would love! RULES= 1-all your games must only have 2 or 4 tributes from every district and the capitol 2-please think about if you can have enough friends or neighbors to act out your games 3-no cussing 4-please do not use pictures of random people please put in the real pictures of the actors in the galleries which is optional 5-inless you are friends with other people on this wiki then please don't meet up


Acting is one of my passions also so is the hunger games. So why not add them all together!

Important ReadingEdit

I hope you are reading this right now, because it is very important. You can have as many games as wanted but do not put them in your blog. On this wiki you must only use blogs as ratings for your games. Contribute pages is where you put your games. Do not erase other peoples games. What is the last games made well, People have to take turns making them starting with 1. The next peson to make games on this wiki would do a 2. Since everyone likes to do quells, I made FIVELET QUELLS! Where a quell is every 5 games! So the Quarter Quells will still happen because they are both counting fives numbers. If you are one of the few people who hate quells and it lands on quell, then wait for the person doing the quell. But you can ask me if as soon as the quell is created to make the next one while she/he is doing the quell. People who want to block someone let me know and your reason why, if someone is butting you up to it let me know. If the person who is putting you up to it is on this wiki let me know so I can block them. THX!

Your Founder,

00:57, September 12, 2012 (UTC)Kikieverdeenreed523 (talk)kikieverdeenreed52300:57, September 12, 2012 (UTC)~~

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